Adult Beginner

This class is focused on Irish dance technique and is intended for adults with little to no Irish dance experience. It may also serve as an extended warmup and conditioning session for more advanced dancers. Dancers will perform skill- and strength-building exercises, and learn ceili dances and beginner-level steps.

A general curriculum for the Adults 1 class includes:

Basic movement steps: 2-3s, skip forward 2-3s, skip back 2-3s, sevens and threes, over 2-3s
Simple ceili dances like the Walls of Limerick, Galway Reel, and Fairy Reel
Beginner-level solo steps in the reel and jig (soft shoe only)
Choreography at the appropriate level for St. Patrick’s Day and other performances

Dancers in the Adults 1 class are welcome and encouraged to participate in performances whenever they feel ready.

**The Adults 1 and Adults 2 classes will NOT be held on the first Tuesday of every month. They are replaced by the Ceili and Set dancing class for that first Tuesday only.**

Class Hours

05:00 - 05:45

Class Details

Moira Fischman Wilkes, TCRG
Irish Dance Basics, Ceili and Step Dancing
$10 / class