Adults Advanced

Tuesdays (except first Tuesdays)


$20 per person per class

This class is geared toward adult dancers, and is a multi-level class for intermediate and advanced dancers. The focus is on contemporary step dancing, with traditional set dances and ceili dances included as well. The class is open to students 12 years of age and up. Dancers under age 18 please bring a parent or guardian.

The contents of the class vary depending on the needs of the students, but a general curriculum for the Adults 2 class includes:

All basic movements: skip forward 2-3s, skip back 2-3s, sevens and threes, over 2-3s, beat 2-3s
Some advanced movements: rocks, twists, butterflies, quivers, birdies, clicks, drums, rolls
Solo steps appropriate to the dancer’s level in reel (soft & hard), jig (soft and hard), slip jig, hornpipe
Traditional set dances: St. Patrick’s Day, Blackbird, Garden of Daisies, etc.
Ceili and set dances of all levels
Choreography for performances at St. Patrick’s Day and year-round

Dancers in the Adults 2 class perform frequently in pubs and at various venues and private events.

**The Adults 1 and Adults 2 classes will NOT be held on the first Tuesday of every month. They are replaced by the Ceili and Set dancing class for that first Tuesday only.**

Class Hours

06:00 - 08:00

Class Details

Moira Fischman Wilkes, TCRG
Irish Dance Basics, Ceili and Step Dancing
$20 / class